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Friday 01 July 2016
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Christchurch Airport Terminal, PO Box 14015, Christchurch, Christchurch (New Zealand)
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Christchurch Airport
Welcome to our unofficial airport guide where you will find everything you need for a stress free journey.

Christchurch Airport Arrivals

The Christchurch international airport is one of the busiest airport of New Zealand and the world. It is also much upgraded and meets all the requirements of a modern day airport. The arrival facilities of this international airport are also up to date. This airport has two domestic and international airline terminals which are operating 24/7. These airline terminals are surrounded by a highway and two Golf courses. A central heating and also a central cooling plant are deployed in the central terminal area for maintaining a good temperature and to protect temperature equilibrium to disturb.

Recently the managing authority and airport facility of Christchurch airport CIAL (Christchurch international airport limited) which is New Zealand’s second largest airport facility have expanded the Christchurch international airport’s terminal number 2. The airport has spent NZ$161 (US$119) in this development program in order to provide their arriving passengers with all state of the art facilities. Passengers arrive at this airport from different parts of the world and CIAL is trying its best to provide them with the best possible facilities available.

Most flight arrivals at this airport are domestic. The leading flight operating airline of this airport is Air New Zealand and its most flights are inside the New Zealand. So passengers arriving from this airline are mostly New Zealand nationals but this airline also provide air travel facilities to passengers from Australia and one or two other countries. Other airlines that have their international arrivals scheduled at this international airport are Singapore Airlines, Air China, Air Pacific, American Airlines, Asiana Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Japan Airlines International, Singapore Airlines, US Airlines and Virgin Blue. Though it’s a small airport as compared to other airports and has limited international arrivals scheduled yet it provides its passengers with best possible arrival facilities which are available at any other modern airport of the world.

Airliner Flight Origin Status Sched.
Jetstar JQ 287 Wellington (WLG) Landed 09:10
Qantas QF 4996 Wellington (WLG) Landed 09:10
Emirates EK 7575 Wellington (WLG) Landed 09:10
Air New Zealand NZ 5261 Nelson (NSN) Landed 09:20
Virgin Australia VA 7997 Nelson (NSN) Landed 09:20
Air New Zealand NZ 5016 Dunedin (DUD) Cancelled 09:20
Etihad Airways EY 4828 Dunedin (DUD) Cancelled 09:20
Singapore Airlines SQ 4500 Dunedin (DUD) Cancelled 09:20
Virgin Australia VA 8694 Dunedin (DUD) Cancelled 09:20
Air New Zealand NZ 513 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:25
Virgin Atlantic VS 7631 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:25
Etihad Airways EY 4693 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:25
Virgin Australia VA 8213 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:25
Air China CA 5907 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:25
United Airlines UA 6809 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:25
South African Airways SA 7070 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:25
Singapore Airlines SQ 297 Singapore Changi (SIN) Landed 09:30
Ethiopian Airlines ET 1321 Singapore Changi (SIN) Landed 09:30
SWISS LX 4178 Singapore Changi (SIN) Landed 09:30
Lufthansa LH 9778 Singapore Changi (SIN) Landed 09:30
Air New Zealand NZ 3297 Singapore Changi (SIN) Landed 09:30
Turkish Airlines TK 9336 Singapore Changi (SIN) Landed 09:30
Air New Zealand NZ 335 Wellington (WLG) Landed 09:30
Singapore Airlines SQ 4503 Wellington (WLG) Landed 09:30
Etihad Airways EY 4563 Wellington (WLG) Landed 09:30
Virgin Australia VA 8645 Wellington (WLG) Landed 09:30
Air New Zealand NZ 5374 Queenstown (ZQN) Landed 09:40
Etihad Airways EY 4882 Queenstown (ZQN) Landed 09:40
Singapore Airlines SQ 4504 Queenstown (ZQN) Landed 09:40
Virgin Australia VA 8778 Queenstown (ZQN) Landed 09:40
Jetstar JQ 229 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:45
Emirates EK 7527 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:45
LATAM Airlines LA 5584 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:45
Qantas QF 4951 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:45
American Airlines AA 9022 Auckland (AKL) Landed 09:45
Air New Zealand NZ 8603 Hokitika (HKK) Landed 10:20
Virgin Australia VA 7715 Hokitika (HKK) Landed 10:20
Singapore Airlines SQ 4525 Hokitika (HKK) Landed 10:20
Air New Zealand NZ 509 Auckland (AKL) Landed 10:25
Virgin Atlantic VS 7633 Auckland (AKL) Landed 10:25
Air China CA 5909 Auckland (AKL) Landed 10:25
Virgin Australia VA 8209 Auckland (AKL) Landed 10:25
South African Airways SA 7072 Auckland (AKL) Landed 10:25
Singapore Airlines SQ 4401 Auckland (AKL) Landed 10:25
Alaska Airlines AS 9511 Auckland (AKL) Landed 10:25
Etihad Airways EY 4691 Auckland (AKL) Landed 10:25
Turkish Airlines TK 8747 Auckland (AKL) Landed 10:25
United Airlines UA 6811 Auckland (AKL) Landed 10:25
Air New Zealand NZ 5317 Wellington (WLG) Landed 10:35
Etihad Airways EY 4731 Wellington (WLG) Landed 10:35
Virgin Australia VA 8961 Wellington (WLG) Landed 10:35
Air New Zealand NZ 5271 Nelson (NSN) En Route 10:55
Singapore Airlines SQ 4531 Nelson (NSN) En Route 10:55
Virgin Australia VA 7559 Nelson (NSN) En Route 10:55
Air New Zealand NZ 515 Auckland (AKL) En Route 11:25
Etihad Airways EY 4695 Auckland (AKL) En Route 11:25
Virgin Australia VA 8215 Auckland (AKL) En Route 11:25
Air New Zealand NZ 5052 Dunedin (DUD) Scheduled (Delayed) 11:25
Etihad Airways EY 4840 Dunedin (DUD) Scheduled (Delayed) 11:25
Virgin Australia VA 8696 Dunedin (DUD) Scheduled (Delayed) 11:25
Air New Zealand NZ 5339 Wellington (WLG) En Route 11:30
Etihad Airways EY 4827 Wellington (WLG) En Route 11:30
Virgin Australia VA 8721 Wellington (WLG) En Route 11:30
Air New Zealand NZ 5357 Palmerston North (PMR) En Route 11:45
Virgin Australia VA 7587 Palmerston North (PMR) En Route 11:45
Jetstar JQ 231 Auckland (AKL) En Route (Delayed) 11:55
Qantas QF 4953 Auckland (AKL) En Route (Delayed) 11:55
Emirates EK 7529 Auckland (AKL) En Route (Delayed) 11:55
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