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Christchurch Airport

Officially named as Christchurch internationa Airportl, this airport is the major gateway to one of the very beautiful Southern islands of New Zealand. Besides being among New Zealand’s one of most hectic and busiest airport, it is also very huge, vast and spacious. It is the second largest airport of New Zealand and is situated between Harewood Golf courses and Russely Golf course. Located from 6moles/12kilmeter from the city center, Christchurch airport serves as a sub hub of Harewood. A915 meter long runway and a 60 square meter terminal were the early constructions of Christchurch airport back in 1937. But the airport was opened for passengers in 1953 and since then has been under continuous development and construction. The most recent development program is worth $200 million which is set up to make this it up to the modern standards of air travel. The major governing and managing authority of Christchurch International is CIAL (Christchurch international airport limited). The New Zealand government also holds a lion’s share in this administrative authority and their share holding percentage is 25 percent.

It handles about six million passengers per year and the figures are increasing drastically which makes it one of the busiest New Zealand airport. Despite of a tough 2009 which was a very tough year in aviation history, this airport continued to flourish. In 2009 the percentage increase of international passengers was up to 5%. This was during that period when Christchurch airport gone over 18,000 passengers per day. Its authorities have managed a strong marketing presence of it internationally which makes these figures grow. The passenger number is growing at the rate of about 5% per month and it shows how busy it has become.

There are numerous shopping places in the vicinity. For example

  • Christchurch Shopping The Christchurch city has a large number of shopping places ranging from old second hand clothes to high fashion boutiques and department stores.
  • Eastgate Shopping Centre Eastgate shopping center is located in the central suburb of Linwood Christchurch and a rapidly expanding shopping mall near the Christchurch Airport.
  • Westfield Riccarton Mall

This mall is also among the numerous malls near Christchurch airport. You can buy anything ranging from men and women clothes to every little household item from this mall. You can also watch a movie and have some fast food in this mall if you are grilled and tired because this mall also provides you with these facilities.

A large number of national and international airlines carry their flight operations. There is a long list of airline companies which fly through Christchurch airport. Their names are Air New Zealand, Air China, Air Pacific, American Airlines, Asiana Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Japan Airlines International, Singapore Airlines, US Airlines, Virgin Blue and many others.

There are two domestic and international terminals which carry their flight operations. Recently a new and modern terminal is also opened. The terminal has numerous shops, food vendors and it has a very attractive look due to its fascinating architecture. The most recent development program has resulted in to the demolition of the 1960 terminal and the creation of a new highly renovated terminal. Christchurch airport authorities has spent about NZ$161 (US$119) on the up gradation of this terminal and in other development programs of Christchurch airport in order to provide its customers with all the modern air travel facilities.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Christchurch International
Time Zone:
GMT +12.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
43° 29’ 20" S
Longitude (DMS):
172° 32’ 0" E
Passengers (2017):
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515m (1,690ft)
70m (229ft)
3,288m (10,787ft)
45m (148ft)
1,703m (5,587ft)
45m (148ft)