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Christchurch Airport Departures

The Christchurch international airport is one of the major New Zealand airports. It is the only gateway to New Zealand southern island. The airport is a major hub and a busiest and most strategic air connection to the world regarding trade and tourism. Which means this airport is in a very unique position both physically and economically. The airport is also situated quite close to the main city area. It is 12 kilometers northwest of the city center which is situated in the heart of the Christchurch city. In the previous year (2011) it was the second busiest airport of New Zealand for national and international flight operations and it handled more air traffic than any other airport in Christchurch city. Its flight departure capacity is also huge and facilities are also up to the modern standards. Its upgraded terminals have made it a hub of base operations of many international airlines.

Its two domestic and international operating terminals make it easy for passengers come in and out of New Zealand in major airline companies. The renowned air travel companies like Air New Zealand, Air China, Air Pacific, American Airlines, Asian Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Japan Airlines International, Singapore Airlines, US Airlines, Virgin Blue use this international airport for their national and international flight operations so it’s convenient for most passengers if they want to go in and out the New Zealand through this highly furnished airport.

Its two domestic and international terminals are very modern, airy, vast and up to date. These terminals serve over forty national and international airlines which carry over six and half million passengers per year. Recently Christchurch international airport managing authority named as CIAL (Christchurch international airport limited) has upgraded one of its 1960 built terminal and transformed it into a new spacious, up to date and renovated terminal. Though it’s a very big airport yet the departure facilities are up to the modern standards and the airport is fully equipped to deal with loads of passengers.