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Christchurch Airport Parking

Christchurch Airport has three kinds of parking areas:

  • Short Term parking areas
  • Long Term parking areas
  • Premium parking areas

Note: The first 15 minutes are free in all car parks.

Short Term Parking:

The open-air short term car park which is only at a distance of a walk of a couple of minutes from the terminal building of the airport.

Long Term Parking:

The area for the long term car park is located just over the short term park area, off the airport roundabout at Memorial Avenue.

Premium Parking:

Premium parking is located in the multi-level parking building near the Domestic terminal.

Disabled Parking:

There is parking for users with reduced mobility in all car parks.

Charges of parking:

In the short term parking there is no charge for first 10 minutes which means parking is free for the first five minutes. The hourly rate is 5$ per 90 minutes, 10& for two hours, 25$ is the daily rate. Weekly rate is given by 75$.

In long term parking the first 10 minutes are also free here. Talking about the hourly rate the hourly rate is as follows: 10$ for 90 minutes and 20$ for 2 hours.

The daily rate is same as the rate of the short term parking such as 25 $ per day. Same are the rates for the weekly parking as in short term parking.

In premium parking the first 10 minutes are again free. But 20 minutes will charge an amount of 6$ and for 90 minutes the rate is 8$ and for 2 hours the rate is 16$. So the hourly rate for premium parking is 8$.The daily rates are 30$ per day.

Where to pay:

The payment can be made by cash or credit cards at the pay stations at the terminal or at the car parks