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Christchurch Tourist Attractions

The Christchurch Airport is one of the main airports of New Zealand. There are a lot of attractive places near the Christchurch Airport which the tourists love to see. The Canterbury city located in Christchurch is filled with heritage and its many landmarks are based around both Cathedral Square and Victoria Square. The former is where one will see the contemporary sculpture “The Chalice” and also a popular and great outdoor chess board which proves to be a very beautiful sight and if you are in New Zealand then you must have a look at that. Most buildings and the statues gracing the Cathedral Square were listed by the Historic Places Trust of New Zealand. But the earthquake of the 22nd February 2011 caused great devastation and has affected the natural beauty of New Zealand up to a great extent.

This earthquake left its mark there and also in other parts of Christchurch and even had caused a number of deaths as well. Many impressive and attractive monuments and landmarks are fairly recent and you will enjoy seeing those. One example is the Town Hall in the center of the city. It was built in 1970s and it is near to Crown Plaza Hotel, those living in that hotel may have a look from the balcony as well. Some other sites of attraction include Library Chambers on the Cambridge Terrace, Bridge of Remembrance on the Cashel Street and New Brighton Pier on the Marine Parade, these are those sites in Christchurch which the tourist cannot forget whenever they visit New Zealand.

The Cathedral Square has been considered as the hub of the center of the Christchurch city and is one of the main places where the tourists are attracted and also praise this beautiful sight a lot. The magnificent and gorgeous Christ Church Cathedral dominates the plaza. Here, the visitors can enjoy lively street entertainment, seating areas, the frequent markets, the special shops and also the Gothic-style buildings of the 19th century.

This square is surrounded by ‘Four Avenues’ of the Bealey, Moor house, Rolleston and Fitzgerald. Some of the city’s districts have been measured against that location. Another place which attracts the tourists a lot is the Avon River which appears to be an important natural landmark in the Christchurch. It is also responsible for the city’s wealth, economy and design. Here, you can enjoy punting as well as boat trips. The river actually runs next to various historical buildings, gardens, parklands as well as scenic picnic spots, like those lining the Oxford Terrace (south banks) and Cambridge Terrace (north banks). Another source of attraction is the Town Hall.

It is one of the recent landmarks in the center of the city. It was built early years of 1970’s. It stands close to the Copthorne and the Crown Plaza hotel. It is also close to the Christchurch Casino. The Town Hall daily hosts many important exhibitions as well as concerts in the city. This is due to the fact that it has stylish architecture; various detailed features as well as a huge interior which contains an auditorium, a theatre and many public areas. Another place where the tourists are attracted is the Old Stone House. It was built in the 1870’s. It is basically a large building which is located in the southerly suburb of the Cracroft. It is really a worth-seeing place. The Old Stone House is bounded by beautiful gardens, nearby stream as well as scenic views. It has now been operated as the local community center. Many tourists and visitors want to visit this place again and again.