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Christchurch Airport Transfers & Taxis

The Christchurch airport taxi service provides a very large number of taxis throughout the Christchurch region. You can contact them from any part of the Christchurch and can book taxis to Christchurch international airport at reasonable price. This taxi service also provides taxi transportation facilities from the airport to any part of the city. This taxi transportation company provides safe and convenient taxi transport facilities to its passengers. The Christchurch airport taxis which are commonly known as cabs provide passenger transportation services to most destinations of the city from the airport. These cabs also offer special disabled and need services. The Christchurch airport taxi cabs are generally modern and fast to arrive at your destination as compared to other means of transportation available in the Christchurch city to and from Christchurch international airport like buses, shuttles etc.

Some of the most popular taxi transport companies are listed below which provide you taxis to and from Christchurch International airport.

  • Regency Cabs-Christchurch - This taxi transportation company provides high quality cabs like limousine and other high quality cars. No matter where you live in Christchurch you can contact the company to book their taxis for you at reasonable prices to the Christchurch International airport. These cabs are also available at the airport to provide you transport from the airport to any area of Christchurch.
  • Blue Star Taxis - Blue star taxis are the largest taxi transport company of Canterbury. They provide convenient, safe and reliable transport to their delegates. Unlike other taxi transport companies this company has survived from the recent earthquake in Christchurch and is fully operational. Corporate cabs, President Cabs, Kiwi cabs, Gold band taxis and Quality cabs are also some other companies which provide you taxis throughout the city.

These cabs are available anywhere in Christchurch and also at the Christchurch International airport. Their fare depends upon the destination and the distance in between. For example a taxi ride from the city center to Christchurch international airport will cost you $30-$40. The drive from Christchurch International airport to Christchurch city is of about 15-20 minutes and if you want to go there by taxi then a taxi driver will cost you $30-$50 depending upon the distance of your destination. A journey by taxi from Christchurch international airport to the Canterbury museum will cost you about $30. For going from one terminal to another terminal of the airport you do not any cab because they are quite close to each other. Though a taxi ride in Christchurch is a bit expensive but its more safe, convenient and reliable transport means available.