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Christchurch Airport Trains

There are about three train services that operate in the whole Christchurch. Their routes cover almost all areas of New Zealand. The train service company which is operating in the Christchurch city is named TranzApline which is the major mean of train transportation in the whole city. Besides TranzApline which goes to Greymouth from Arthur’s pass through west coast there is another train service operating in the city namely TranzCoastal train which goes to Picton through north.

The train journey in TranzApline can also be done as a trip because this train passes through lush green fields, plains of Canterbury followed by wonderful and spectacular gorges and beautiful river valleys of the Waimakariri River. Besides this there is also a cable train service available for passengers in Christchurch city that is the tram and Gondola combo which has been just revived for the tourists after the Earthquake. So you can see that there is numerous transportation facilities are available for the passengers who like to travel by train. The central train station of the city is 3 km from the Cathedral Centre just west of the Hagley Park. The central station is in the side street between Blenheim road and Whiteleigh Avenue.

But the most awful thing about the passengers who want to reach Christchurch international airport by bus is that none of these three train services will take you to the airport. So to reach to the airport you have to get either a cab or a bus or a shuttle. If you still love the train then you can reach close to the airport on the tram but it will not take you to the airport. It will take you maximum to the city center. The fare charging criteria of this tram is unique s compared to other trains where you buy a ticket according to your destination. But for travelling in tram you have to buy a ticket of minimum of NZ $15 and this ticket will be valid for you for travelling two days in the tram. So after reaching the city center you are at a 30 minutes driving distance from the Christchurch International airport. You can cover this distance either by hiring a cab or a shuttle or you can also reach the airport by bus. If you choose a cab to take you to the airport then you have to pay NZ$ 30 to the driver. A shuttle will cost you about NZ$15-20 and the bus fare will be of NZ$12 for adults and NZ$7 for child passengers.